Cardboard disposal

How to Dispose of Cardboard

Cardboard is one of the most regularly generated waste products in any business. Did you know that if one ton of cardboard is recycled, it efficiently reduces nine cubic plots of landfill space? For this reason, read on to find out how to dispose of your cardboard.

Recycle the cardboard

When recycling cardboard, the first step is to break down the box. Consider using a knife or a pair of scissors to cut any tape holding the box together in order to collapse it easily. Confirm to make sure the box is completely empty.

Flatten it, then remove the packing labels and the tape. If you find it tiresome, the majority of recycling centers will remove them.

If the cardboard is wet, remove that section before recycling it. The reason being soaked cardboard is difficult to recycle. So to make the job easier, you need dry cardboard.

Once you are done, fit all the broken-down cardboard into a recycling bin and store them in a dry and secure place until the waste removal company comes to collect them. You can call and book a certain date for them to pass by and collect.


For landscape gardeners, you can add cardboard boxes to your compost pile. Please note that the cardboard should not come into direct contact with poisonous substances like bathing materials. Otherwise, it would weaken the rest of the compost pile.

Ensure that there are no packing materials such as plastic in the cardboard. This is because such materials are highly non- biodegradable. Not to mention they are a threat to our environment. To make sure the cardboard decomposes well, break them down into small pieces.

Consider soaking the boxes in water. Wet boxes can speed up the process. You can add carbon-rich and nitrogen-rich materials like hay, dead leaves, manure, and grass trimmings. Mix the cardboard with the green materials.

This method of disposing of cardboard will make sure the compost pile retains the moisture and contains enough oxygen. If the compost is well maintained, it should be ready for use in six months.

Reuse or donate

Reusing or donating is another great way of disposing of your cardboard. Reusing will come in handy when you are preparing to move. Instead of spending extra cash on boxes, you can consider reusing your cardboard boxes to store some of your items.

However, if you no longer want the boxes, someone else might need them. Consider asking friends and family if they are interested in the boxes.

You can also donate the cardboard to the nearest community center. They might greatly benefit from them. Plus, this is a good way of giving back to the community.

Here are other innovative ways of using your broken-down cardboard.

You can use it to make a drawer divider for improved organization.

You can place it on the floor for protection while painting.

It can be reused for shipping purposes.

These great tips of disposing of cardboard can be beneficial if you apply them. There’s no point in wasting your cardboard when you can simply recycle or reuse it.

However, if you find it challenging to apply, Rubbish removal companies like Unbeatable Skip & Rubbish removals can help you dispose of your cardboard in an eco-friendly manner.





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