how to dispose of different types of house rubbish

How to Dispose of Different Types of House Rubbish

Many people find it challenging to distinguish different types of household garbage and how to dispose of them. You don’t have to worry since this blog post will provide you with a solution of how to dispose of different types of house rubbish. Read on to find out.

Food waste

This is the most effortless house garbage to dispose of. Food waste typically goes into a green bag then you can dispose it during your garbage collection day. On the other hand, food waste is compostable; therefore, if you’re planning to do some gardening activities, you can consider creating a compost pile from your food waste.

White goods

Most white goods are usually electronics that require a special way of disposing of since they contain hazardous materials such as batteries and other metals that leak into mother earth when they start decomposing.

Such materials can cause significant harm to humans and animals since they can contaminate the soils. Some broken glass components can find their way into the water bodies and negatively impact aquatic animals.

The best way to dispose of your white goods is to take them to a local recycling center; they know the best way to handle them. Alternatively, if you live in Sydney, consider hiring a rubbish removal company such as Unbeatable Skip & Rubbish Removals to dispose of your white goods.


Recycling plastics is a great way to reduce environmental pollution.  These days, everyone has a recycling bin in their home, and anything that isn’t food or household garbage goes into the recycling bin.


Most household waste that isn’t food and isn’t recyclable falls into the garbage category. This type of garbage is usually disposed of every week, where your local rubbish truck collects it and takes it to the landfill.

Bulky items

Do you have large household items, and you’re wondering how to dispose of them? It’s vital to correctly dispose of things such as mattresses and furniture. For example, depending on the age and design of your mattress, some of its materials are usually recycled; however, if your mattress contains metal springs, then it needs to be removed before being recycled.

Disposing of your mattresses can be a difficult task because of their bulkiness; however, you can wait for the local council to do the pick-up or hire a rubbish removal company to handle the job.

On the other hand, most of your furniture is recyclable; however, the challenge comes when you have to move the furniture on your own. The best option is to hire a rubbish removal company to assist you in getting rid of the old furniture.

If you’re wondering, your furniture items won’t end up in a landfill; instead, if they’re in good condition, the professionals will take them to a recycling center or donate them.

Whether you have small or large garbage, it’s essential to dispose of your house rubbish properly. If you have any challenges getting rid of your house waste, don’t hesitate to contact us.







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