how to dispose of yard waste

How to Dispose of Yard Waste

The day of pruning shrubs, pulling weeds, and cutting grass can leave you with quite a batch of sticks and leaves. But the question is, how do you dispose of yard waste? Instead of dumping it in your everyday trash bin, which may be illegal depending on your location, try these tips on how to dispose of yard waste.

How to dispose of yard waste: Tow it

Many towns have backyard waste collection sites or composting centers that accept organic waste from the public. Taking your yard junk to one of these selected areas is an easy and inexpensive option. The only thing you have to do is work on the means of transportation.  Consider checking some of the center’s websites about the pricing and instructions. Some towns request residents to collect their backyard junk and place it somewhere for them to pick up.

Hire a rubbish removal company

The one disadvantage of a curbside pickup is collecting the backyard junk and carrying it to the curb. If you want to save yourself extra time and energy, the best option is to hire a reputable rubbish removal company. The professionals will conduct all the heavy lifting for you before carrying the junk away. If you’re wondering how much a rubbish removal company charges, you’ll be surprised because they are pretty affordable.

For example, here at Unbeatable Skip & Rubbish Removal, our prices are very cost-effective.

Plan for a one-time pickup

If you only want a one-time backyard garbage solution, a scheduled pickup might be the best choice for you. Certain towns have an annual curbside clean-up day. If your city doesn’t offer that alternative or the timing doesn’t line up with your plans, you may want to arrange for a pickup through a waste management service.

Subscribe to a Regular Pickup Service

This is another excellent option that you could go for. Consider arranging for regular pickup service; all you need to do is rent a different trash bin that you can use to throw away the organic waste and place it out in the yard for pickup together with your regular trash and recycling bins. The planned day maybe weekly or twice a month, depending on the company and the plan you pick.

Therefore, in case you’re wondering how to dispose of yard waste without leaving your home or booking an appointment, check with your local council to see which weekly waste management services are offered in your area.

Burn your backyard junk

Twigs and logs can make perfect firewood. Burning yard rubbish is very common in areas without easy access to composting centers or waste management services. On the other hand, this practice increases environmental pollution and the risk of wildfire. The legality of burning backyard waste also depends on your location, so if you decide to go with this option, be sure to check your local rules ahead of time.

Ensure that you have all needed permits and that you follow all safety regulations for yard waste burning.

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