How to Get Rid Of Sand in Your House

Whether you are a beach devotee or a vacation enthusiast, you’re obligated to note that the world is simply a grain of sand. A beach trip is an excellent way to recharge and relax. However, cleaning up the sand that gets tracked into your house isn’t an enjoyable experience. Knowing how to get rid of sand in your house is important.

Below, we outline easy tips of how to get rid of sand in your house.

Sprinkle Over Baby Powder

The baby powder comes in handy to remove sand, especially for carpet floors and rugs. What you’ve to do is simply sprinkling the powder across the floor. Ensure that you concentrate the powder across the areas where sand is starting to build up. While dealing with this, ensure that you refresh your carpets with a light layer of bi-carb soda.

For your information, bi-carb soda is a cleansing agent. It pulls out grease or bad odors from surfaces.  When used with bi-carb soda, it helps in loosening the sand from the carpet fibers.

Allow to Settle for a Few Minutes

Leave the powder to work its magic, and vacuum the area afterward. This will help to extract sand particles, bi-carb, and baby powder as well.

Sweep your Floor or Vacuum it

Especially for wooden floors, you’ll always want to leave it flawless and sparkling clean. Sand particles cause discomfort, more specifically when stuck underfoot. Sweep your floor using a microfiber dusting pad. A Swiffer is ideal for this case, and it won’t let sand escape through the bristles.

If you don’t prefer a Swiffer, then a handheld vacuum with a soft head is another alternative you can always try to consider. It’s best practice to avoid a traditional floor-based vacuum for better results since sand may get caught on the wheels and scratch the floor.

Mop the Floor

You won’t need any other products to mop your floor. In a bucket of warm water, add a small portion of non-toxic floor cleaner. With the help of your microfiber mop, wash the floor periodically to remove excess sand from the mop.

Shower or Hose of sandy feet before Getting to your house

On your way, especially from sandy beaches, the best way to avoid carrying sand to your home is to hit the outdoor shower. Don’t forget to rinse off your shoes as well. You may decide to secure an outdoor shower just for this purpose.

Consider placing Door Marts along the Main Walkways

In between outdoor visits, door marts, or placing small rugs on main walkways is handy to work the house clean. It helps keep sand and other debris under control. As everyone enters your home, have them walk through the door marts to dust off their sandy feet.

Keep the Shoes Right outside the Door

One of the best ways to clean sand from your admirable floors is to keep it from spreading in the first place. Under any given circumstances, your shoes shouldn’t make it past the entryway. What you have to do is to set this rule before you enter your house.

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