Top 5 Cheapest Ways To Get Rid Of Your Rubbish

Many people always ask how much does rubbish removal cost? Honestly, it’s not that expensive come to think of it. Normally, the cost of clearance depends mostly on the amount of waste being collected. However, there are different options that can reduce the cost. There are a wide variety of ways to get rid of your rubbish whether it’s at home or in the office.

Here are the cheapest ways to get rid of your rubbish.


When it comes to rubbish removal, donation is one of the most responsible ways of handling your waste. What might be useless to you might be valuable to someone else.

If you have items that you no longer use, you might consider donating them to your family and friends or to the less fortunate people in your community. By doing these acts of kindness, you will be putting smiles on people’s faces and also making a difference in the world.


Before getting rid of your rubbish and using extra cash on clearance, you might consider reusing some of your items. Recycling your items if they are still in good condition is a good way of keeping the environment clean. You will also save on cash.

Break Down your Waste.

In case you have the time and the energy, you might consider dismantling some of your waste. If it’s too heavy, you can ask for your friend’s help or neighbor. Most rubbish clearance companies charge by volume of the waste collected.

It is important to dismantle items like furniture so that they may occupy less space. This is another great way of saving cash.

Consult with a Neighbor

Most of the time, if you order items in bulk, you pay cheaper. Waste removal is not an exemption. If you have little rubbish, hiring a rubbish removal company might be expensive for you.

Here’s the catch, you might consider asking your neighbor. Most of the time, you will be surprised that they were also planning on disposing of their rubbish that has been pilled for years. If they want to dispose of their waste, then that might be a great deal for you.

It will be cheaper if you team up with your neighbor and share the cost. This way you will be able to save some money.

Hire a Rubbish Removal Company

If your rubbish cannot be donated or recycled, consider hiring a rubbish removal company to do the work for you. All you have to do is book an appointment and consult with them. Since they are professionals, they are in a better place to advise you on how to handle your rubbish.

Most waste clearance companies like Unbeatable Skip & Rubbish Removals have quotations that are customer-friendly. They will do a quality job and ensure that your rubbish is cleared on time. Call us today on 0416423355 or send us an email at

How to get rid of white goods

White goods are big electrical equipment that we use in our homes to make our lives easier. Many people own these items such as ovens, fridges, washing machines, just to name a few. According to society, these items are essential since they make life easier. However, it’s a threat to the environment. If you want to dispose your white goods, the process is completely different from normal waste removal.

You need to know how to get rid of white goods from your home if they have become dysfunctional or you have bought a replacement. Unluckily, you cannot dispose them in a bin as you normally do with your regular rubbish. Thousands of white goods end up every year in a dumping site which is not a good thing for our environment.

Responsible disposal is something that we should all embrace. If you have white goods in your household and you don’t have an idea of how to dispose of them, worry not, we have a solution for you.

Below are some responsible and environmentally friendly ways of getting rid of your white goods.

1. Give them to charity.

You can identify a charity organization that may be in need of a fridge or a washing machine that you no longer use. By donating functional appliances to these organizations, you are not only helping the old or orphans you are creating an impact by making the world a better place.

2. Recycle.

White goods are made up of plastics and metals that can be reused. These metals and plastics can be used to make new products. However, if they are thrown away in a dumping site, they are non-biodegradable hence cannot decompose. This can be very harmful to our environment. You can minimize this from happening by recycling your white goods.

3. Contact your dealer

When purchasing white goods, consult with your dealer and ask if they take away the goods when they get old. Don’t get stressed holding onto your old white goods or wondering how you are going to dispose them. These days, most dealers take away the old goods so that they are able to recycle them or dispose them in an environmentally friendly way.

4. Organize a garage sale

Your white goods are still functional no matter how you want to replace them and get the latest brand in the market. Well the good news is, you can organize a garage sale and make some cash instead of throwing them to a dumping site. These days with our advanced technology, you can post your white goods online and get buyers within minutes.

5. Contact a skip rubbish company

Another great way of disposing your white goods is by contacting professional skip rubbish. They have many years of experience, and they will advise you accordingly on how to go about it and, if possible, hire them to do the work for you.

If you have white goods and you are wondering how to dispose them, contact us at unbeatable skip & rubbish removals by calling 0416423355 or reach us through our social media platforms.

What makes a rubbish removal company special

There is no denying that rubbish has become one of the biggest problems for city dwellers. And since almost everyone lives the cities today, it is a problem for everyone.

People are always producing rubbish. What we eat, what we were, and any other action results in rubbish piling up.And if you have been staying in the same house for several years now, you have a lot of stuff you don’t need, Rubbish wastes up space in our homes.

Imagine having a fridge or couch you don’t need in your house.What room will it occupy? For most people, they will try to find some space in the garage and squeeze
the item there.

This leads to more rubbish.However, you don’t need to worry because the rubbish removal services have become very useful today.

Now you can come home and enjoy some time with your family without having to worry about rubbish issues.All it takes it picking one rubbish removal you can fully rely on whenever you need the service.

Here are some of the things that make a company like Unbeatable Skip & Rubbish ; Rubbish Removals stand out from other. You get cheap rubbish removal services on top of the following characteristics.

The website It is very easy to navigate through the website of a reliable company. They will take every precaution to make sure the website as useful to the customer as possible. Because this is the first contact you will probably have with the company, it must not have any errors.

A good website is easy to navigate, has good graphics, has useful information and links, and it has the contact information of the company. It should also be compatible with multiple devices.

The quality of services Even if the website is great and the quality of service is poor, that company is doomed for failure. Such a company does not seek to serve customers but to make a profit, which means you have don’t even need to consider it.

Look at what other customers are saying about it in the comment section to figure this out. Remember,you need a service you can trust. the team they have A good removal company has a team of professional rubbish removals that care more about the customer than themselves. They must be a highly trained trustworthy team.The equipment they use

A rubbish removal is not a joke. Some of the rubbish, like demolition or construction waste, is very heavy. This is why some companies focus only on a specific type of junk. But if they have the right equipment, no job will be a challenge enough for them.There experience Experience is the key to providing excellent services. The more a company stays on the market, the more they learn how best to serve their customer. You will love an experienced service provider.

How they handle customers

Customer care is one of the biggest challenged for many companies. It demands how long the company will stay in service. A company that has excellent customer care services has a better chance of competing favourably on the market.