Common Deceased Estate Cleanup Items

On varying accounts, cleaning up a deceased estate can be a depressing task. It’s a difficult position to be in since you are unable to decide which common deceased estate cleanup items you need to get rid of.

It is important to do a proper cleanup in order to have a clean look at the deceased home. Mentioned below are some of the common deceased estate cleanup items that we’ve identified as a rubbish removal company.

Seeing your deceased belongings can be hurting. If that time comes, you need to understand what type of cleaning needs to be done.

Dispose of white goods

White goods are items such as washing machine, fridge, microwave, TV just to name a few. These are the most common rubbish items found at a deceased estate. These items must be removed in order for the property to be listed for sale.

White goods have a special way of disposing of them since they are non-biodegradable. When you hire a rubbish removal company, they will ensure that the items are disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

Most of the white goods are normally recycled. Rubbish removal companies usually partner with recycling centers. You can also donate some of the electronics to charity. What you don’t want, someone else might need.

Furniture and carpet

Consider getting rid of the furniture, especially if it’s old and worn. If some are still in good condition, you can donate to a community-based organization. It’s advisable to get rid of the old furniture as it may affect the value of the property.

If the carpets are still in good condition, you can take them to a recycling center or sell them. However, if they are torn, consider disposing of them.

Garden and backyard cleanup

The garden and backyard will keep on growing after your loved one is long gone. If you are uncomfortable doing this task, consider getting the help of a rubbish removal company.

They will clean up the garden by weeding and trimming some trees. They will also ensure that your backyard and side passage is completely clean.

Getting rid of hazardous waste

Getting rid of harmful waste such as chemicals and medicine is essential. There’s no need to keep such things. In that regard, consider hiring a rubbish removal company to do the work for you as it can be a bit messy. Plus, they know the best way to dispose of the rubbish.

Garage clean up

This is the place where you will find piled-up items. You can plan for a garage sale. Arrange the items into categories like donating, selling and disposing.

Once you have donated and sold some of the items, get the help of rubbish removals to dispose of the items that you won’t need. When you are done with this process, clean the garage thoroughly.

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