Waste disposal sites

Waste Disposal Sites in Sydney

Due to the increased population, the waste buildup in Sydney is disturbing especially to bigger commercial and residential areas. The question is, where does all the rubbish go to? Sydney faces a big waste volume.

The good news is that Sydney has taken different initiatives to deal with produced waste on a regular basis.

Here are some of the waste disposal sites in Sydney you should know.


One way of getting rid of rubbish is to burn them. There are industrial incinerator facilities that stick to the high standards from Sydney regulations and law. The type of waste that goes to the incinerators are medical waste and pharmaceuticals.

This is the most recommended waste disposal method of such products. This is because incinerators produce less greenhouse gas than landfill sites.

Waste streams

This method is advisable for manufacturing industries and production facilities. Often times, water streams are the closest disposal sites for industrial waste in Sydney. Waste from such industries consists of red mud, saltwater, ash and biomass.

Sydney Local Council regulates the waste products that goes through the water streams. They ensure that the waste does not cause pollution to clean water sources.


Waste allowed in landfills are items that cannot be recycled or reused.

Sydney has three major dumping sites for organic and non-organic waste. According to stats, approximately 1/3 of regularly produced waste in Sydney goes to landfills.

Recycling Centers

One of the biggest challenges that Sydney faces is huge amount of waste. The good news is that Sydney local council has applied more efforts in providing a way out to the increasing waste volume. Sustainable Sydney 2030 intends to add more recycling facilities.

There are a lot of recycling centers for different types of waste in Sydney. Most of the rubbish removal companies have partnered with these facilities to promote noble business for recycling and waste disposal methods.

Waste-to-energy facilities

This is another great way of disposing of waste. Australia has a lot of waste-to-energy facilities. In these centers, your waste is turned into a reusable source of energy and institutions can use it.

The establishment of such facilities is a gradual process. This is a good eco-friendly way of disposing of waste. Such methods should be implemented, more often.


Different waste goes to different places. Not all rubbish ends up in dumping sites waiting to decompose. Most countries and cities are advocating for more waste recycling centers. Climate change is affecting everyone; it is our responsibility to make sure that the waste disposal methods we use are eco-friendly.

We have to leave mother earth a better place than we found it. Environmental issues ought to be taken seriously. It is important to take action in making sure your waste is disposed of the right way.

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